Wednesday – Drills, Hills & Intervals (all abilities)

New start time for 2022 and onwards: Meet at 6:25pm for a 6:30pm start.

Coaches/Run Leaders: Ben Tavendale (coach)

From the 22nd March onward sessions will either be at the Sports Centre (but not on the track), or on Southampton Common.

These sessions are designed to complement Monday sessions as well as give runners who can’t make Mondays the opportunity to improve their fitness. These sessions are a mixture of intervals/repetitions (fast running over a set distance or time), as well as hills to improve strength. Each session will have a number of drills or exercises included to help improve your ABCs (Agility, Balance, Coordination) and, ultimately, your running technique. Sessions will take place on a mix of surfaces: tarmac, gravel, grass and the track.

Training details(August/September 2023)

August 2ndBadger FarmRR10 #97pm start
August 9thCommon, meet at the Bellemoor triangleTempo sandwich
August 16thIBM HursleyRR10 #107pm start
August 23rdMountbatten SchoolMile of Miles6:45pm start
August 30thCommon, meet at the Bellemoor triangle
September 6thCommon, meet at the Bellemoor triangle
September 13thCommon, meet at the Bellemoor triangle
September 20thCommon, meet at the Bellemoor triangle
September 27thCommon, meet at the Bellemoor triangle

Sessions will normally vary between the Common, sports centre and the track; sessions will not take place on the dates for the RR10 league races.

Meeting point on the Common

Meeting point for Southampton Common: Just inside the entrance, opposite the Bellemoor Tavern Pub on Hill Lane.

Meeting point for Sports Centre: At the entrance to the changing rooms/admin block.

Meeting point for the Track: On the grass next to the start line, inside the fenced-off track area.

Joining a Wednesday night session at the athletics track?  For some helpful advice on using the track check out this great guide to track etiquette from Steel City Striders.

During the darker months from September through to March, we strongly recommend that you come to training wearing hi-visibility clothing and a torch. You are responsible for seeing and being seen!