Strength & Conditioning

Training Start Time: Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm at Southampton Common

Coaches/Run Leaders: James Saunders (Coach in Running Fitness)

Why do Strength & Conditioning?

Whether your goal is simply to run more efficiently with less pain or to run faster in your next race or parkrun, regular strength and conditioning sessions can help. They help with performance, but also with injury prevention, to make you a more robust runner.

The club currently offer one S&C session per week and this session is available to club members of all running abilities.

Each S&C session lasts for 55 to 60 minutes and includes a full warm-up, exercise demonstrations and a cooldown with stretching. Although most sessions utilise bodyweight exercises, some exercises require a pair of dumbbells (or similar) and/or a short resistance band loop. For comfort, a yoga/fitness mat would be beneficial too.

Training Location

Southampton Common on the Showground. Please note that we are currently trying to secure an indoor venue for face-to-face S&C sessions on a Tuesday evenings for winter/spring 2022/23 and will update this page when available.

Social Media

For up-to-date information, feedback and general training-related chatter, head over to the S&C Facebook group at

Other services offered

In addition to the regular S&C sessions, Coach James offers a range of related services for FREE to LRR members including regular training plans for races from 10K to half marathon distance, pre-recorded S&C sessions, daily challenges, and a running technique course. More information can be found on the Facebook group mentioned above.