Monday – Group training night

Meet at 6:25 pm for a 6:30 pm start at Taunton’s college.

This is our most popular training night. Our sessions use the Common as well as the Outdoor Sports Centre nearby. We aim to cater for all abilities so we usually split into 7 sub-groups. Each group will be taking part in a range of different sessions. Our beginners and improvers groups suit new starters or for people returning to running. The groups are progressive and move up towards our more experienced and faster groups. Don’t worry if you’re unsure which group you should be running with or what you are doing – have a look at the pacing group details below for approximate pacing. If you are still unsure, send us a message or ask any run leader on Monday night.

Training details

Please check your start location, some groups may be meeting closer to where they will be training.

  • F if possible will split into 2 separate training groups (based on pace), if we have a second group F run leader available.
  • Track sessions: Meet at the track at 6:45 pm for WU, the sessions proper start at 7 pm (please note these are currently joint sessions with ISRC, with them providing coaching staff).
  • Common sessions: Tend to be faster interval sessions, compared to hill sessions based at the sports centre or within Bassett.
  • Facebook posts: Whilst not always possible we aim to post session plans on group Facebook pages, prior to sessions taking place.

Scroll across on the table above to see training sessions for groups E and F/G.

Track Etiquette

Joining a Monday night session at the athletics track? For some helpful advice on using the track, check out this great guide to track etiquette from Steel City Striders.

Meeting point

6:25 pm at Taunton’s College (Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5RL)

  • Members can use the bathroom facilities if needed.
  • We do not have an agreement to leave bags at reception.
  • Our booking is for 18:20 – 18:35. Announcements aim to be from 18:30 with groups departing shortly afterwards.
  • Please do not attend a training session if you are feeling unwell.
Meeting point at Taunton’s College (Hill Lane, Southampton SO15 5RL)

Pacing groups

Group A/B (Beginners/Improvers)

For new runners or those returning from a period of inactivity. We aim to help you reach your individual goals in a supportive atmosphere with an emphasis on fun and friendship. Each week incorporates a mix of basic skills sessions and jog-walk-run sessions to enable you to build confidence, distance and pace.

Groups C & D

Builds speed and endurance for those wishing to participate in events up to 10 mile or half marathons; sessions may include hills, speed work or longer runs on nearby roads or paths.

Group E

Sessions focusing on speed, endurance and strength at a faster pace than the previous group. A perfect training opportunity for those looking to improve their times in races; sessions may include hills, fartlek (speed play), intervals and tempo runs.

Group F/G

Training at a higher intensity and pace. Sessions will focus on improving technique, as well as speed, strength and endurance, in preparation for upcoming races.

Group G

These sessions are ideally suited to runners who can better 19:30 for 5K, or 40 minutes for 10K, or are aspiring to do so. This group typically has higher volume, focused training for the faster runners in the club, although, you can of course join group F on a Monday evening. If you are interested in Group G please contact our captains, either via email or facebook. We also have a ladies development squad (the panthers); again, if you are interested in joining please contact our captains.

Pacing guidelines for Monday night training groups

New Training Paces

Please note that these are guidelines – depending on the changing ability of current runners and the ability of new members this may change and will be reviewed. It’s worth spending a bit of time considering whether you’re running with the most appropriate group on a Monday evening. If you are consistently near the front or back of your group, it may be time to consider trying a new one. We appreciate that there are many different reasons why people run – some people enjoy the social aspect of running, whereas others want to train hard to improve their speed. We’re hoping that everyone will be making progress, but there is no shame in dropping down a group.