Injury Recovery and Sports Massage

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The Recovery Room is a sports injury clinic based at Romsey Golf Club that specialises in sports injury treatment, especially running injuries. James is a keen trail runner and lecturer in sports injury treatment.

At the clinic, they also have a massage therapist providing sports massage to help you recover from running niggles and muscle tightness and provide treatment and rehabilitation for:

  • tendon injuries
  • plantar fascia pain
  • Shin splints
  • ITB friction syndrome
  • knee pain
  • ankle sprains
  • and all other running injuries.

 Here are some of the treatments and services they provide:

  • Shockwave therapy for tendon and plantar pain.
  • Exercise rehabilitation.
  • Running gait analysis.
  • Joint mobilisation.
  • Sports and remedial massage.
  • Taping and strapping.

As Lordshill Road Runners are the most friendly and legendary runners, you will get a 10% discount off all treatments (and have done since 2014!!!). For further information, please visit; or call James on 07748 483639.