Lordshill Road Runners social media policy

As a club Lordshill Road Runners operates a number of social media channels on different platforms. This includes Facebook pages and groups, Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts. You can find all of the official groups and channels on our Lordshill Road Runners on social media page. Many of these channels are run by our members, for our members. In order to help you understand how these operate, how to interact with them and what to do if you have any concerns about them we have put together the following guidelines for all members.

  • Posts on the Lordshill Road Runners page on Facebook will always have been approved by the club committee.
  • Posts on all other channels may be made by committee members, run leaders, coaches, volunteers and members. Whilst the committee provides guidelines for proper use of these channels (see below), they cannot take responsibility for the content posted.
  • We encourage all members to interact with these communities positively and in the spirit of cultivating a supportive and friendly atmosphere.
  • Members are requested not to post specific advice on healthcare, medicine, injury recovery and nutrition, and we reserve the right to remove without notice posts of this kind. We always recommend that members seek the advice of a qualified professional on these subjects.
  • Posts which are explicitly discriminatory, defamatory or offensive are prohibited and will be removed without notice.
  • Posts which explicitly advertise a service or business, without the prior consent of the committee, are prohibited and will be removed without notice.
  • If you have a concern about content posted on any Lordshill Road Runners social media channel, please contact the Club Secretary here.