Run Leading and Coaching

At Lordshill Road Runners we’re extremely proud of our dedicated volunteer-led run leading and coaching team. Their commitment and enthusiasm allows Lordshill to provide a high standard of training, a wide range of sessions and build on the club’s objective of being Southampton’s friendliest running club. This area of the website is intended to be a resource hub for those who are a part of our run leading and coaching team, are interested in run leading or would like to know more about how the club operates. If you have any questions about run leading and coaching, you can always drop the committee a line on our Contact Us page.

Run Leading and Coaching qualifications

All Run Leaders and Coaches hold England Athletics qualifications.

Run Leaders hold the Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification from England Athletics.

Coaches hold the Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) qualification from England Athletics. They will also hold the LiRF qualification, which is a pre-requisite to becoming a coach.

Current Run Leading and Coaching team

Find a list of currently active volunteers on our Current Run Leaders and Coaches page.

Interested in becoming a Run Leader or Coach?

Choosing to become a run leader with Lordshill Road Runners means we’ll help you to access:

  • Full training as Run Leader (LiRF) and/or Coach (CiRF), certified by England Athletics and funded by the Club;
  • Further Run Leader development courses with England Athletics funded by the Club;
  • First Aid training funded by the Club.

In addition, Run Leaders and Coaches receive:

  • Free entry to the Lordshill 10k road race;
  • A Run Leader/Coach vest and neck warmer;
  • Access to first aid kits and any other equipment you require to run your sessions (please speak to your coaching rep to help us understand your needs);
  • That warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting your fellow Club members…

Club codes of conduct, policies and processes

To support the Club in delivering its goals and ensuring all members are treated fairly and equally, we have a number of codes of conduct, policies and processes. We recommend that all Coaches, Run Leaders and members read and familiarise themselves with these, and should you have any questions about them, please raise them with the Club Committee.

Training resources and social media

Want to know more about the sessions we organise or connect with run leaders and runners?

Find the latest training schedules and pacing guidelines on our Training pages.

Check out our Facebook groups for every training group. You can find them all in one place on our Social media page.