Volunteering and paid coaching policy

Lordshill Road Runners is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led running club, that actively encourages runners to share their skills and support the club wherever possible. Our run leading and coaching team, as well as club and race committees, are all volunteers and give their time freely to help the club accomplish its goals. We are enormously grateful for the dedication, hard work and generosity of all those who contribute to the club, in one way or another. However, in circumstances where the club is unable to meet core training and coaching needs from its volunteers, coaching provision is paid for from time to time. Whenever this is the case:

  • The coaching provider will be made clear on the schedule.
  • The coaching provider will be paid at a rate set by the club and these costs will be visible in the club accounts.
  • The coaching provider will be registered with UKA, qualified as a Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) as a minimum, fully-insured and established as a small business or sole trader with the Inland Revenue.

We aim to be completely transparent about paid coaching provision and will always aim to provide a volunteer-led session wherever possible. We welcome offers from run leaders and coaches, currently coaching or not, as well as members interested in training for these qualifications to fill any gaps in the coaching schedule. Please feel free to contact our coaching representative or any member of the committee.