LRR takes Thunder Run 2014 by storm

For the fifth year running Lordshill Road Runners took a number of teams to Thunder Run, a 24 hour team relay event.


Thunder Run is a 24 hour endurance event, where runners in teams of up to 8 take turns to run laps of the 10km cross-country route which consists of challenging uphills, and technical sections through forest!

Cap’n Jim and Koach Kelly soloing. Thanks to James Saunders for the photo

It is also worth noting that some brave souls take on Thunder Run solo. This means they have no team mates to swap with, so any minute they are resting or sleeping is a minute they’re not clocking up miles. Last year Dan Campion became the first Lordshiller to attempt a solo Thunder Run, and this year Koach Rob Kelly and Cap’n Jim Davies decided to take up the solo challenge. These two brought us everything from the slow canter round the first lap together, through sleep-walking-like pit stops in the Lordshill campsite, to smashing out a fastest lap on their final time round! We’re very proud of Rob and Jim (and Dan) for taking on this slightly crazy challenge.

That’s not to belittle the achievements of the teams, who also ran spectacularly well too, racking up over 850 miles (138 laps) between them! This year’s teams with LRR representatives were:

  • Your Pace or Mine? (Alice J, Aniek, Ellie, Gary, Irene, Pete, Rosie)
  • Mixed Nuts (Eddie, Inez, Luana, Michela, Nicole, Rachel, Rhiannon, Sharon)
  • Lordshill Allstars (Aurelio, Carol, Kirsty, Mike, Paul, Roger)
  • Biggles Bandits (Gary, Andy, Aneta, Ian, Lee, Lisa, Loraine)
  • Brontophobics (Tamsyn, Stu, Emily, Steve J, Becky, Steve C, Rikki)
  • Townhill Thunder Runners (James, Aaron, Laura, Charlotte, Chris, Kelly, Raymond, Rolly)
View of Thunder Run campsite. Thanks to James Saunders for the photo.

Overall, the weekend was a grand success. Everyone met their personal goals, some running happened, the weather was great and we all got to spend time camping with our LRR friends for a weekend 🙂