Friday yoga is now available online!

Why do yoga?

Yoga has loads of benefits for runners:

  • Improving core stability
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Working on flexibility
  • Reducing injury susceptibility and back pain
  • Helping to manage stress before an event
  • Aiding relaxation, promoting sleep and recovery
  • … and it’s fun at the same time.

Time: Fri @ 7:15 pm

Teacher: Jessy (more below)

Location: Zoom – link sent with registration confirmation

Cost: £6.20 per person for a 6-week block. (Incredible value!) The yoga is being subsidised by the club. Your contribution means that – if the sessions are popular – we will have the funds offer more yoga in the future!

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Drink of water
  • Yoga mat
  • A couple of yoga blocks might be helpful, especially if you are not very flexible (a couple of big books would work as well in most cases)

A message from Jessy

Hello runners, my name is Jessy!

I discovered Yoga at the age of 9 in Bali, Indonesia, and that was back in 1993 ! From then, discovering yoga has been fun, eye opening and a wonderful journey. I love the fact that Yoga is a holistic and non-dogmatic philosophy. “Practise and all is coming”, this is so simple but so true. Yoga helps me to cultivate a healthy body, a healthy mind and it is a powerful tool to awaken the inner guide. 😉

In terms of styles, I started practising Ashtanga Yoga with many years of self-disciplined home practice and in my twenties. I then discovered Vinyasa Yoga, which since has become my reference style. Vinyasa is a dynamic style of yoga, where in a creative suite of movements, the practitioner follows the rhythm of the breath. I love to incorporate elements of Iyengar Yoga for posture alignment, Yin Yoga for deep tissue stretching, and Restorative Yoga for deep hole-body relaxation.

I have started teaching Yoga In 2014 with the University of Southampton Yoga Society, where I taught for 2 years. I moved to France in 2016 and I now teach in French and in English in a Yoga Society and in a Yoga Studio (Perpignan). My classes are dynamic, fluid and anatomy orientated. Being a nerdy scientist, it is important for me to continuously research all the facts of practising yoga. Little by little I have acquired quite some information on the benefits and the risks.

The Yoga classes for the running society will be focused on building balanced strength, stretching key muscles, balancing and increasing our breathing capacity, while cultivating a positive attitude all along. And most importantly, it will be fun! All levels are welcome, there’s no competing (this might be difficult to take onboard as a runner). That’s right, no pressure, yoga adapts to each one’s specific anatomy. The ultimate goal of yoga is to cultivate presence and to learn to enjoy the ride.

You can contact me at any time to ask questions, make requests or give feedback (I love this part of my job very much too). It’s a pleasure to be offering online yoga classes for runners, and I am looking forward to meet you guys.

~ Jessy ~