Monday – Group Training Night

Training Schedule 

Where: Grass next to the entrance of Richard Taunton Sixth Form College, Hill Lane (opposite the Bellemoor Tavern)

When: 6:20pm for 6:30pm start

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Date Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
Josh Milligan
Liz Carter
Cary Vardy
Angela Corrie
Gary Fhithyan
Loraine Harris
Kate Temple
Alison Crooks
Dave Johnston Ben Tavendale
Emily Smith
Nicole FRITH
7 Aug 2017 Hills/Intervals Running skills/Pacing: Lovers Lane – Uni circle  Hills Hill session: Lordswood 400m reps: Common 400m reps: Athletics track
14 Aug 2017 Agility Short hill practice: Sports Centre Oregon Circuits Play Your Cards Right: Common Lordsdale/Wood Greenways trail run Fartlek
21 Aug 2017 parkrun Riverside Park run Intervals Ocean Village run Continuous Fartlek: Common KM reps
28 Aug 2017 Bank Holiday
4 Sep 2017 Track Training: Southampton Sports Centre Strength & Conditioning Hill Session: Golf Course Hill Pyramid Efforts: Common Oregon Circuits
11 Sep 2017  Hill/Invtervals Hill pacing – Glen Eyre, Golf Course Hill, Sports Centre route Relays Mixed Intervals Avenue of Pain
18 Sep 2017 Agility Trail Running: Common, Sports Centre, Common Hills Indian File Running Pyramid Sprints: Common Pyramid Intervals
25 Sep 2017 parkrun The Parks: Downtown run Intervals Long Run Avenue of Pain Mile Reps

Group A & B (Beginners/Improvers)

For new runners or those returning from a period of inactivity. We aim to help you reach your individual goals in a supportive atmosphere with an emphasis on fun and friendship. Each week incorporates a mix of basic skills sessions and jog-walk-run sessions to enable you to build confidence, distance and pace.

Group C/D

Builds speed and endurance for those wishing to participate in events up to 10 mile or half marathons. sessions may include hills, speed work or longer runs on nearby roads or paths.

Group E

Sessions focusing on speed, endurance and strength at a faster pace than the previous group. A perfect training opportunity for those looking to improve their times in races. Sessions may include hills, fartlek (speed play), intervals and tempo runs.

Groups F & G

Training at a higher intensity/pace. Sessions will focus on improving technique as well as speed, strength and endurance in preparation for upcoming races.

Pacing Guidelines for Monday Night Training Sessions (Updated May 2015)

New Training Paces

Please note that these are guidelines – depending on the changing ability of current runners and the ability of new members this may change and will be reviewed by the Group

It’s worth spending a bit of time considering whether you’re running with the most appropriate group on a Monday evening. If you are consistently near the front or back of your group, it may be time to consider trying a new one.

We appreciate that there are many different reasons why people run – some people enjoy the social aspect of running, whereas others want to train hard to improve their speed.

We’re hoping that everyone will be making progress, but there is no shame in dropping down a group.