Monday – Group training night

Training during COVID

15th July 2021.

With the changes to COVID 19 restrictions commencing Monday 19th July, changes have been made to our training. Sessions will now include warm up and cool down.

Start locations will remain as per the chart below at least until the 26th July.

Online sign-up in advance is required!

New (or returning) – for August and beyond, Group G sessions will be taking place on Mondays! If your 5k time is below 20 minutes, please sign up to group G in preference to F (I’m watching you Lewis!)

Genuinely entirely new – a women’s progression training group. If your 5k time is 23 minutes or better, contact the membership secretary for details

If you can no longer make a session you signed up for, edit your sign up using the link in your confirmation email and deselect the group you had entered before resubmitting your entry. This way your space can go to someone else – if you want to grab one of these spaces, you’ll need to be on the ball and check the availability regularly

All sessions have been fully risk-assessed and will be run-lead/coached and will make use of safe social distancing. In order to to reduce hanging around time and potential transmission of COVID-19 a number of measures are in place:

  • Sessions start promptly at 6:30pm – leaving the meeting location for the training location
  • All members must run at their own risk – observe current social distancing guidelines at all times
  • All the groups will meet in different locations – check yours for this week!

The sign up opens ~48 h before the training session.

Currently signed up for the coming Monday

IMPORTANT: If the name of your running group is empty, you are not signed up! Please do not turn up to training.

Training details

Download a PDF copy of the current Monday training schedule here

Group A & B (Beginners/Improvers)

For new runners or those returning from a period of inactivity. We aim to help you reach your individual goals in a supportive atmosphere with an emphasis on fun and friendship. Each week incorporates a mix of basic skills sessions and jog-walk-run sessions to enable you to build confidence, distance and pace.

Group C/D

Builds speed and endurance for those wishing to participate in events up to 10 mile or half marathons. sessions may include hills, speed work or longer runs on nearby roads or paths.

Group E

Sessions focusing on speed, endurance and strength at a faster pace than the previous group. A perfect training opportunity for those looking to improve their times in races. Sessions may include hills, fartlek (speed play), intervals and tempo runs.

Group F

Training at a higher intensity/pace. Sessions will focus on improving technique as well as speed, strength and endurance in preparation for upcoming races.

Group G

These sessions are ideally suited to runners who can better 19:30 for 5k or 40 minutes for 10k, or are aspiring to do so. This group typically has higher volume, focused training for the faster runners in the club. In addition to Monday training, Group G often meets for self-led training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Facebook Groups

Pacing Guidelines for Monday Night Training Groups

New Training Paces

Please note that these are guidelines – depending on the changing ability of current runners and the ability of new members this may change and will be reviewed .

It’s worth spending a bit of time considering whether you’re running with the most appropriate group on a Monday evening. If you are consistently near the front or back of your group, it may be time to consider trying a new one.

We appreciate that there are many different reasons why people run – some people enjoy the social aspect of running, whereas others want to train hard to improve their speed. We’re hoping that everyone will be making progress, but there is no shame in dropping down a group.