Coaches & Run Leaders

Tamsyn Smith

We have several Club Coaches and a team of qualified Run Leaders to lead our training sessions.

Please speak to one of the coaches or run leaders if you have any queries or concerns. Look out for the run leader vests at training!


Carol Bradwell Club Coach- Level 2 Group Event (plus Endurance)
Tamsyn Smith Coach in Running Fitness
Martin Stevens Coach in Running Fitness
James Saunders Coach in Running Fitness
Gary Fhithyan Coach in Running Fitness
Tanya Carter Coach in Running Fitness
Ant Gritton Coach in Running Fitness
Ben Pitman Coach in Running Fitness

Run Leaders

Aurelio Bello Roger Bradley Trevor Ellery
Jeff Oswald Liz Moorcroft Gary Fhithyan
Hayley Ryan Jo Findon Irene Moreno Millan
Steve Johnson Dave Johnston Clare McErlean
Jodie Colvin Stuart Smith Alison Crooks
Emily Brent Paul Eves Roy McLoughlin
Kevin Yates Mike Dukes Neil Catchlove
Alice Bowles Kate Temple Martin Stevens
 Tamsyn Smith  Rodolfo Gonzalez James Saunders

We are always looking for more Run Leaders and Coaches to help lead training sessions. If you are interested in becoming a Run Leader or Coach yourself then have a look at the course leaflets below:

Leader in Running Fitness

Coach in Running Fitness

Thanks to Julian Porter for the photography.