Covid-19 – Update 6 Jan 2021

As we are now in Lockdown 3, training is suspended. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will resume face-to-face training as soon as possible.

Check out our Facebook page for weekly suggested solo training sessions, club challenges, and our online Strength and Conditioning classes. You can find links to all our Social Media groups.

What can take place?

We take our guidance from England Athletics.

  • Individuals can exercise with one other person either from their own household OR outside their household.
  • Outdoor exercise is limited to one occasion per day.
  • Individuals should not travel outside of their local area.
  • Virtual training sessions can be delivered by qualified coaches.
  • Virtual competitions can still take place.

Our schedule is designed to improve your speed, strength and endurance to help you achieve your fitness needs and goals. It also gives you a chance to run for pleasure in a friendly environment. We have a number of experienced coaches and run leaders who lead our sessions. You will always find us supportive and encouraging whatever your goal.  We also encourage our members to enter local race leagues that take place throughout the year!

We have several sessions during the week, catering to all abilities and long-term goals. Our most popular training sessions are Monday and Wednesday Group training. Please look below to see what each session entails. Everyone is welcome, as long as you’re 17 or over. You can try us out for two sessions and, if you like us, we then ask you to join the club.

Sessions offered during a typical training week

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Training Group Training (all abilities)
Racing Group
Speed training (all abilities)
Racing Group
Endurance Group: long intervals
Endurance Group: long run
Club run
J’s Training plan: Run day J’s Training plan: Speed work J’s Training plan: Long run
Race series RR10 (Summer)
HCCL (Winter)
CC6 (Winter)
HRRL (Summer)

Monday – Group training night

Time:  Please see Monday training page for full details. Suspended. Suggestions for self-lead training posted weekly via Facebook.

Download the schedule for Monday training for December 2020 and January 2021 here.

Please note that in order to ensure safe social distancing you must signup up online before attending a Monday session and read full details of what to expect. Find more details here.

This is our most popular training night. Our sessions use the Common as well as the Outdoor Sports Centre nearby. We aim to cater for all abilities so we usually split into 7 sub-groups. Each group will be taking part in a range of different sessions.

Our beginners and improvers groups suit new starters or for people returning to running. The groups are progressive and move up towards our more experienced and faster groups. Don’t worry if you’re unsure which group you should be running with or what you are doing – look out for any of our Run Leaders who will be able to offer help and advice.  Sessions will finish back at the grass triangle at the entrance to the Common.

Tuesday – Strength & Conditioning

Time:  6:30 pm. Online only at present.

Whether your goal is simply to run easier with less pain or to run faster in your next race, weekly strength sessions can help. They help with performance, but also with injury prevention.

Wednesday – Drills, hills & intervals

Time:  6:50pm for a 7pm start. Suspended . Suggestions for self-lead training posted weekly via Facebook.

Venue:  Venue varies, please see schedule

These sessions are designed to complement Monday sessions as well as give runners who can’t make Mondays the opportunity to improve their fitness. These sessions are a mixture of intervals/repetitions (fast running over a set distance or time) as well as hills to improve strength.

Each session will also have a number of drills or exercises included to help improve your ABCs (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination) and ultimately your running technique. Sessions will take place on a mix of surfaces (tarmac, gravel and grass).

Joining a Wednesday night session at the athletics track? For some helpful advice on using the track, check out this great guide to track etiquette from Steel City Striders.

Thursday – Club run

Time: 6:20pm for a 6:30pm start. Suspended.

Venue:  Varies – Oasis Academy, Lordshill (Use the community entrance accessed via Redbridge Lane, SO16 8FA), Last Thursday of the month, by the Bellemoor Tavern on The Common

Thursdays are typically a longer, more social run. It is not led by Run Leaders, so be sure you are comfortable with the group you run with.

Depending on numbers we sometimes split into 2 or 3 groups to allow as many members to run at a pace suited to themselves. Sometimes there may be members who wish to self-lead a group.

We use local roads, paths and trails for our club run. During the spring and summer we are able to get out towards Testwood Lakes, Lordswood and other green areas.

Social event after training: Join us in the Bellemoor Tavern after your run on the last Thursday of every month.

Friday yoga

Time: 7:15 pm. Online session.

LRR yoga classes with Jessy will be focused on building balanced strength, stretching key muscles, balancing and increasing our breathing capacity, while cultivating a positive attitude all along. And most importantly, it will be fun! All levels are welcome – there’s no competing (this might be difficult to take onboard as a runner). That’s right, no pressure, yoga adapts to each one’s specific anatomy. The ultimate goal of yoga is to cultivate presence and to learn to enjoy the ride.

6 sessions for incredible £6.20 – in total!

All members and non-members welcome!

Sign up here:

Endurance training sessions

Time: 6:20pm for a 6:30pm start Thursday, 8.30am Sunday. Suspended. Online sessions posted weekly.

Venue:  Varies, please see schedules

Schedule: LRR – Endurance training sessions group on Facebook

In the run up to spring marathons, Graham Rafferty is currently leading twice weekly endurance sessions. These take place on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Graham provides a comprehensive introduction to the sessions and all the information you need on our Endurance training page.

Racing Group (Group G)

This group typically has higher volume training for the faster runners in the club, and is usually self-led.

We meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, often using the track or the hills at Southampton Sports Centre, with some Saturday sessions and Sunday long runs.

These sessions are ideally suited to runners who can better 19:30 for 5k or 40 minutes for 10k, or are aspiring to do so.

For more information, speak to your Captains.

Injury management

For further advice on injury management, try James Kirkpatrick at The Recovery Room on 07748 483639 or at