Transferring Race Numbers

When you enter enough races, there comes a time when you realise you cannot race that day either because of other commitments or because of injury.

Some races allow you to transfer your number to another runner, but you must abide by each race’s individual conditions and procedures. You must find out what these conditions are before offering your place to others.


The Hampshire Road Race League rules state that the constituent races must allow same-sex transfers, but other transfers are up to the race organisers.

It is important that you follow the rules on transfers in league races, as the club as a whole can be punished for knowingly allowing a member to run under another runners number without officially transferring it.

Links to per race regulations

Below are a list of races that Lordshillers commonly participate in with links to their race number transfer regulations.

These are a summary of each race’s rules as of February 2014. If you wish to transfer, ensure you contact the organisers in good time, in case these regulations have changed (if they have, please contact us).

  • Overton 5 – no written regulation, try to accommodate all requests.
  • Victory 5 & D-Day 10k – Transfer of a race number in any form is allowed up to the first publication of the entrant list, after which only transfer of same club and same gender are allowed. None on the day.
  • Gosport Half – Under “Fees” heading – Contact Race Director to arrange a swap with substitute runner.
  • Stubbington 10k – Terms & Conditions #11 – same-sex transfers only, notify by post, e-mail or on the day.
  • Alton 10 – Not encouraged. At Race Director’s discretion, and if allowed, must be same gender.
  • Netley 10k – No advertised information.
  • Solent Half – No advertised information.
  • Ryde 10 – No advertised information.
  • Salisbury 10 – No advertised information.
  • Lordshill 10 – No advertised information.
  • Eastleigh 10k – No advertised information.

Other Popular Races

  • London Marathon – General conditions of entry 2.2 – “you are strictly prohibited from swapping, selling or transferring or offering to sell, swap or transfer the place or allowing any other person to wear the number”
  • Southampton Half Marathon – FAQ – “Can I swap my place with a friend? Sorry no that will not be possible. Each Race number is assigned to a runner with individual medical details and it would not be safe to do so.”
  • We will add to this list as we discover other popular races and their transfer regulations. If not listed here, you must find out from the race organiser (check their website, or e-mail them) what the rules are, before advertising your place for transfer.