Lordshill 10K – Eligibility for LRR Members

Lordshill 10k: Eligibility for Lordshill Road Runners members

We always need lots of volunteers to make the event possible. For this reason, club members are not permitted to take part in the race. This was reaffirmed by the club management committee in 2013 and the exceptions were also clarified. These exceptions are:

  1. If you have never run a 10k race (or further) before. This is to encourage beginners to step up to the 10k distance for the first time and to enable us all to encourage them on the way round.
  2. If you entered the event before you joined Lordshill Road Runners.
  3. If the event is selected as a Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL) event, then provided enough volunteers come forward, the club may select a men’s and women’s team to take part.