CC6 website

The CC6 is a series of 7 (formerly 6) cross-country races, mostly in the New Forest. The routes around 4-5 miles in distance, across a variety of terrains including grass, mud, gravel and sand. They are tremendous fun and we encourage runners of all abilities to take part!

All CC6 races start at 9.30am on Sunday mornings throughout the winter. There is about one race a month during the season.

As a Lordshill member it is free for you to participate in CC6 races. The only stipulation is that you wear a club vest.  You may not run in your own club’s event.

CC6 races are untimed. You receive a position token at the end of the race, which you hand to the member of the club who is collecting our results. Teams score as the sum of the positions of team members (4 in men’s team, 3 in women’s team).

Lordshill organise the Janesmoor Pond CC6, along with Wessex Road Runners.