Race 8 – Half marathon

Race 8 – Half marathon

Wow! We started this ‘virtual’ league in January when lock down was keeping us fiercely distanced. Now, 8 months later, the league finishes with its final and longest race. And as the restrictions have been eased, why not grab a friend and tackle this distance together?

We had short races, we had hilly races, and we had complicated routes. For the half marathon, we’ve taken your feedback and decided on an easy-to-follow and flat route through the New Forest.

Please note, the route can be heavily trafficked during rush-hour time. When we recce’d the course, we ran on a Sunday morning (9 am) – it was nice and quiet.

Start – Start at the yellow marking facing the Harley Davidson Garage. Turn right and follow the foot/cycle path towards Totton. As you cross the Lower Test Valley, enjoy the view of the water. You may spot some waders or geese here.

Maybe imagine you are cruising on a Harley…

Keep on running through Totton. When you get to the roundabout with Arnold Clarke Garage, use the pedestrian crossing.

The route’s most tricky road crossing

You are now leaving Totton and are facing the race’s main hill: Hunters Hill, a long gentle incline. When you reach the top, you are entering the New Forest National Park. Keep on going straight.

Hunters Hill

Somewhere in Ashurst, you will have to cross over to the other side. It does not really matter where. When we recce’d the route, we crossed at the Co-op.

Change side somewhere in Ashurst

Once you leave Ashurst, you are properly in the New Forest. Keep on going on the cycle/foot path towards Lyndhurst.

Turning point – In Lyndhurst, run past the Fire Station and towards town centre. Your turning point is the lamp post at the Ferrari Garage.

Turn around at the lamp post in front of the Ferrari Garage.
Maybe imagine you are cruising back in a Ferrari…

Half way! Retrace your steps all the way back to the start line. The best thing: It’s pretty much downhill from here!

Elevation profile

Run all the way back to the Harley Davidson Garage. The start line is the finish line. You made it! Well done on completing the half marathon!