Race 7 – 10k

A 10k inspired by our very own Lordshill 10k is the challenge this month. Keep a look out for an opportunity to enter the official race, which will be returning 19th September.

Above you can see the car park you’ll be setting off from. Cross to the pavement on the other side before you start, mentally prepare yourself, and go!

You’ll be running down Redbridge Lane until you come to the junction of Yewtree Lane and Frogmore Lane. Take the right, up Yewtree. Follow this road to it’s natural conclusion, pass through the bollards and wave to the Ordnance Survey as you continue straight over the round-about. Now follow Adanac Drive – eventually you’ll see some gates. At this point, cross to the pedestrian/cycle path on the left. Follow it all the way, eventually emerging on Nursling Street. You’ve covered just a little more than 2k now. Nearly done?

Turn right up Nursling Street and follow it for most of a kilometre, before turning right down Romsey Road. At this point you’re looking to return to Redbridge Lane, the road you started on (there are a few loop de loops in this course…). Sadly you’ll be running straight past your car, you’re nowhere near finished yet! Repeat the route up Yewtree lane, past the bollards, but this time turn sharp left. Follow Adanac drive in the opposite direction until you reach a round-about. First turn this time. Follow the road until you reach the following junction.

Left! Up Frogmore (I hadn’t previously considered what an odd name that is) and take the second right. Now you’re looking for a sneaky snicket on the right

After a few sharp turns (we like to keep you on your toes) this will bring you out onto 5 Acres. Cross the field, heading towards Oasis Academy, aiming to join a path running along the right of the academy. Follow this to the left towards the academy and it’ll bring you out onto Romsey Road again. Turn left, then left again. If you’re not getting dizzy yet, well, you’re about to repeat the first loop around Nursling, about 3.5k remaining. Get to it! As you return to the car park you started from, that’s it. You’re done. Celebrate, or collapse, it’s really your choice. But probably do remember to submit your time! (don’t worry about the exact recorded distance)