Race 6 – 5k

Enough with the hills you say? This month you’re being treated to an extremely flat 5k along Weston shore. Better hope the wind is in your favour…

Start on the far side of the double entrance to the car park shown on the left. From there you’ll be heading straight down the coast along the pedestrian/cycle path until you reach the sharp corner in Weston Parade as it approaches the pitch and putt. Continue to follow Weston Lane around the bend, then take the first turn at the round-about.

After this, take the first right and follow Jords Lake Way until you reach another round-about. Here you’ll turn right onto Victoria Road. Continue until you see the following turning on the left. Take it!

You’ll then run down the coast again until you get back to the pitch and putt. At this point, you’re going to repeat the whole loop that you’ve just done (look at it this way, at least you’re protected from the wind).

Once you’ve completed this loop for the second time, you’re in the home straight. Time to see how fast those legs can go as you hammer down Weston Parade. When you reach the entrance to the car park where you started, that’s it, you’re done! Congratulations, now relax and submit your time (don’t worry about the exact distance measured, just make sure you finish where you started)