Race 5 – 10 Miles

Race 5 – 10 Miles

Our 10 mile race takes you out of Southampton through pretty Chilworth and around North Baddesley. It is a medium hilly course with a lovely long downhill finish.

The 10 mile race is the 2nd longest race in this league. Watch your pacing at the start and enjoy the scenery!

Route map for LRRL Race 5 – 10M

Elevation profile. Total ascent: 160 m

The start is the same as for the 5 mile route: on the main path that runs between the between the Sporting View pub and the changing rooms. At the bottom of the hill there are some steps leading down to an area of grass and the stream. The start is on the main path, level with the railing of these steps.

For the first 0.8 mile, we follow the 5 mile course past our beloved Athletic Track and up towards the golf course. At the Bowlers Pub, however, we continue straight along the gravel path. For 300 m, we are in the woods – a bit of trail running for those of us who have missed the CC6s!

Find the gravel track straight ahead

Keep on running straight along Hadrian Way (which turns into Heatherlands Road) until you get to a T-junction. Turn left onto Chilworth Road. Stay on this road for 1 mile until you pass St Denys Church on the left. You will notice that – if you were to continue straight – the foot path would end. So, instead, we turn left towards the old village. Stick to the road – no shortcut here!

You can now enjoy a lovely downhill stretch along a single file lane. There is no pavement here, but the road is quiet, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

At the end of the lane, stay left – there is a small side road that leads you to a foot path.

Stay left at Chilworth Golf Centre

You are now are entering North Baddesley. Keep on going straight until you reach the second set of traffic lights, by the Co-op store – that’s the first 4 miles done.

North Baddesley Loop

We are now doing a loop around North Baddesley. At the Co-op, turn left onto Rownhams Road. Somewhere along this road, which is approximately 0.5 miles long, you should cross to continue running on the other side.

At the end of Rownhams Road, turn right onto Rownhams Lane. (They were very creative with road names here….). And, after 0.7 miles, finish the loop by turning right again onto Botley Road and running back to the traffic lights.

We now passed the 6 mile marker and are heading back the way we came. Be careful when you cross the traffic light and don’t take any risks crossing it.

The next 4 miles should be familiar. We retrace our steps past Chilworth Golf Centre and along the lovely countryside lane (Old Village), and right at St Denys Church. This section is our last uphill effort, which peaks as you pass the Chilworth Arms on your right. We won’t stop for a drink just yet, though!

From now on, you can cruise downhill to the finish line. Keep running through Chilworth until you cross the motorway. After, take the first turn on your right onto Heatherlands Way.

Don’t miss your turn onto Heatherlands Road

Keep on running straight until you pass the 9 mile maker and reach the cul-de-sac. Find the entrance to the short trail section that leads you back to the Southampton City Golf Course.

Trail entrance on Hadrian Way

You are almost there! The last mile should be very familiar: run past Bowlers, enjoy the downhill, wave hi to the Athletics Track. Now it’s time for one last push, past the Changing Rooms and across the finish line.

FINISH: The finish line is the same as the start line. Don’t worry if your GPS is not at 10 m yet!