Race 4 – 3 k

Race 4 – 3 k

The 3 k course takes you to a beautiful spot in Southampton that you may not know: Riverside Park along the Itchen. Most of the course is part of the Itchen Navigation Heritage Trail that could take you all the way to Winchester. We will stay in Southampton though and enjoy a fast and pancake flat course!

Route map for LRRL Race 4 – 3k

Race 4 starts and finishes just below Cobden Bridge, with the formal start and finish line a few metres before the second bench that sits beside the towpath/ cycle track. The line is marked on the ground in chalk and the course heads Northbound towards Woodmill Activity Centre.

Start line marked just before the 2nd bench

There could easily be company from the rowers using the river from either the Activity Centre or perhaps the Rowing Club from Woolston. Keeping the river on the left, the route follows the river for about 1.2 km right up to Woodmill Lane. Turn right at the pedestrian crossing onto the path parallel to the lane.

The loop

After around 300 metres, we turn right again along Manor Farm Road. We pass the first car park turn (watch out here for cars entering/leaving the car par) and take the next right turn through the second car park.

We follow the foot path as it slightly sways to the right, but turn left at the stand to cross the fields back towards the river. We turn left as we complete the loop, turn left and follow the river back to the start/ finish line. These final 900 m are nearly flat with a small decline – give it all to smash your 3k time! (Or enjoy the view of the resident black swans.)

Please be aware:

This route has been selected to try and avoid the crowds of people but please continue to be aware of those around you and respect other users.

Please DO NOT run this route after darkness.

The path crosses a car park entry, please take care and do not risk your safety.

The route is as close to 3 k as we can manage – we used a roller for this course to give you an authentic 3 k experience. GPS is not 100% accurate and different devices will give slightly different distances. For the purpose of the league, start and finish your timer at the positions described above, this way everyone will run the same distance.