Race 2 – 10 k

Race 2 – 10 k

For the first time in 20 years there will be a 10 kilometre road race within the centre of Southampton. As a virtual event, it can be run anytime, day or night. It will give some fairly quick times, with only one sharp hill on the entire course.

Important: The route is slightly short. The finish line is the same as the start line. Don’t worry if your GPS is not at 10 km yet!

And stay safe! Do not take risks when crossing roads. It is not worth it!

The start and finish are just inside the The Common, opposite The Bellemoor Tavern, Hill Lane, SO15 7NU; where there is ample parking along Hill Lane for those that come on 4 wheels.

Imaginary start and finish line (not actually blue)

The start is beside the junction of four paths with the run heading downhill, Southbound, and following the anti clockwise route. The path winds round the lake then at around 1 km meets Cemetery Road, where we turn right for 500 metres before joining Hill Lane and turning left down to the Archers Road lights, where we turn left again. For the history buffs, you are now passing the location where Saints used to have their football ground until 2000; however to continue the run. At the traffic lights, turn left onto Banister Road and follow the road until you get to The Avenue.

Turn left at the lights by Bannister Road (once know as Stag Gates) then onwards. Enter the Common at the gate, turn right to pick up the path past the Cowherds and on the Common that heads North out of the City. In around 800 metres we meet a crossroads where we turn right and aim under The Avenue.

This is part of a 2 km loop that takes us round Highfield and starts at the underpass, and – if you have run the Southampton Half – you will know this section in reverse. Keep on running straight along the tarmac and down Khartoum Road. Turn left onto Heatherdeane Road and with a right turn down Highfield Lane. Now, you will require a crossover to the left at some stage in the next 400 metres, because once meeting the mini roundabout we turn sharp left down Church Lane – a short downhill followed by a sharp uphill section that joins University Road as it completes the climb.

Once past all the main University buildings the course meets Burgess Road with traffic lights. Being on the pavement here, we turn left and shoot past the few shops and coffee houses as far as the next traffic lights. Here is our next left turn down a cycle/footpath, which extends some 600 metres up to Highfield Avenue once again. Cross carefully here and run down towards Khartoum Road again. Turn right to pick up the tarmac path that goes on down the underpass once again.

Head north through the University and south along Lovers Walk

Coming out of the tunnel, turn left and left again to pick up the footpath beside The Avenue, heading North again, but only as far as the lights for Burgess Road, at which point we turn left back into The Common along a well defined tarmac road (vehicle free).

Crazy left-left-left loop

Now the course is heading into the last 1.5 km as it swings downhill and round a steady left hand bend with the bonus of seeing the final 300 metres to the finish zone as you turn a minor right hand sweep and a storming home run.

FINISH: The finish line is the same as the start line. Don’t worry if your GPS is not at 10 km yet!