Race 1 – 5 k

Race 1 – 5 k

Are you like us? We have missed Parkrun! Getting up early on a Saturday morning to hang out with your running pals, and that hot coffee afterwards. We feel you! Therefore, our first race pays tribute to our dearly missed friend.

We are sending you round the Southampton Common Parkrun route. It’s your chance to check whether your legs are still spinning like they did this time last year. Bonus: you don’t have to do it at 9 am on a Saturday!

Course description (shamelessly copy-pasted from the Parkrun website)

The course is mainly flat, fast and on tarmac paths apart from two short stretches of firm gravel. From the start (green pin) 250 m north-west of the Hawthorns Centre and Cafe, follow the path north-west (section of course marked in red on the map) across the open area of the Common and on into the trees. Turn right twice at the Bellemoor junction, and follow the path clockwise round the southern part of the Common, turning right again at the cross-roads and at the play area, to return to the start. Head north-west again, and at the Bellemoor junction turn right twice to return to the cross-roads. This time turn left there and again at the top of the hill, to complete an anti-clockwise loop of the northern part of the Common (marked blue on the map). When you reach the Bellemoor junction for the third time, take the second left turn back to the start. At the start, turn right onto the gravel path and follow it for 250 m to the finish (red pin).

And here a breakdown of the different laps:

Start and Lap 1
Lap 2
Start line (imaginary, not actually pink)
Imaginary finish line (also not actually pink)