LRR League – Routes

The Routes

The route may be along roads and through public spaces. You must adhere to the traffic law and COVID restrictions at all times. Even though this league has a competitive spirit, your priority must be your safety and the safety of others. If it is not safe to complete the route owing to traffic or any other issue, you must abort the race attempt and try another time. By taking part in the league, you agree that you run at your own risk. You are responsible for your own health and safety at all times, and you must follow the LRR athletes Code of Conduct (Athletes – Codes of Conduct – Lordshill Road Runners).

You and your behaviour are representing the club. So, please act responsibly. If you aim for a fast time, run on days and at times that are less busy (so not on a sunny Saturday afternoon).

We haven’t measured these courses to the normal race standards and sometimes Strava or GPS has glitches. So, just get out there and follow the route as closely as you can – don’t worry about exactly matching the advertised distance.