Transferring race entries – Lordshill 10 mile

You may transfer your entry into the Lordshill 10 mile road race to another runner. Number transfer deadline is midnight on 26th October 2015 unless it is an inter-club tranfser within an HRRL club. 

Transfer Procedure

  1. By the deadline the original entrant must send an email to, stating the name of the replacement runner and including a completed race entry form from the replacement runner (preferably scanned/photographed and emailed) by midnight 26th October 2015. This form should be clearly marked to show ‘transfer from ……’.
  2. For HRRL affiliated clubs only, inter-club transfers can be accepted up to 9.30am on Sunday 1st Nov. 
  3. For inter-club transfers within an HRRL club bring a completed entry form to the transfer desk at Race HQ before 9.30am on Sunday 1st Nov.  The form MUST ALSO SHOW the name of the original runner.

Lordshill 10 mile entry form – 2015


  1. The replacement runner doesn’t have to be the same sex as the original entrant.
  2. The replacement runner doesn’t have to be from the same club as the original entrant unless the transfer is after 26th Oct.
  3. If the transfer is from a non-affiliated runner to an affiliated runner we will not refund the £2 difference in entry fee.
  4. No transfers are allowed from affiliated runner to non-affiliated runner.


  1. If the original entrant entered before 4th Oct and was therefore guaranteed their chosen T-shirt size, this is the size of T shirt that the replacement runner will get.
  2. If the original entrant entered after 3rd October the replacement runner will get a T-shirt but will have to take pot-luck as to size.