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Massive thanks to all the LRRs who ventured out in the appalling weather this morning! Hope you’ve all defrosted. Also huge thanks to the providers of cake! Especially to whoever made a delicious little fruit cake wrapped in foil – the last of us demolished it after a battle with the gazebo and it was amazing!

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Amazing scenes at Wednesday training this evening! Tonight was the first joint session of Lordshill Road Runners and Itchen Spitfires, with a brilliant session being co-led by our own coach Martin and Spitfires coach Gil. A strong turnout powered their way around the track doing 600m and 1km reps. There’ll be some sore legs in the morning! Never tried out a Wednesday night session before? Then come along next week and join in the fun!

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… followed by our Wednesday plans…

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As we enter December now is the time to let you know what’s in store for you over the next few festive weeks. As always, a huge thanks goes to all our run leaders and coaches. Here’s the Monday schedules….

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Who’s ready to set some PBs at Victory 5 Mile this morning?! Looking forward to seeing you all out there today! Good luck to everyone who is going, and if you’re running elsewhere then run well and let us know what you get up to!

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Hampshire Cross Country Championships! This fantastic event is taking place on Saturday 6th January, the details are below: Some keen Lordshillers have already entered, but would like even more of you to sign up too. Both men’s and women’s races are suitable for runners of all abilities. Let Tony, Alice B or Rob Agar know if you’re in (or comment below)!

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Tonight we held our ballot draw for the VLM London Marathon and we are pleased to announced that our winners are: Katalin Sebesteny-Gyore, Emily Smith and Chris Cook! Congratulations!

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WEDNESDAY TRAINING – LONDON MARATHON DRAW!! Coach Ben will be leading another awesome Runcamp track session tonight at the Sports Centre, meet at 6:50pm by the track. Tonight will also feature the London Marathon club ballot draw. Three very lucky club members will have their names drawn from the hat by vice captains Chris & Lucy! Come down and check it out!

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Calling all Lordshill members who aren’t current a member of one of our member groups for Monday night training sessions. We have Facebook groups for every group, if you would like to be added to the group you run with please let me know the group by commenting on this post and I’ll add you or get you added. The groups are a great way to get tips, updates and also promote social runs outside of Monday training. Many thanks Dave

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Races this weekend! SATURDAY 2nd: Hampshire Cross Country League at Popham Airfield If you’d like to take part and join our team who are travelling there then post below or message Rob Daniel! Event details are below: SUNDAY 3rd: Victory Five Mile Road Race This event is now full but runners can swap entries with other runners from the same club. If you have a place but can’t run anymore, or want to race but don’t have a place then please comment below today or tomorrow and/or contact Rob!

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Well done to everyone who ran at Hayling Island today, and there were a LOT of you! There were a ton of PBs, and the men’s and women’s teams both smashed it – full results to follow when they’ve been published! So how was your race today? Was it at Hayling Island, or something completely different?! Let us know – we love hearing about all of your running!

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HAYLING TEN MILE ROAD RACE We have several club members who would like to run the Hayling Ten Mile race this Sunday (26th November) but don’t have places, and several who have places but can no longer run. Only transfers with the club are allowed – so if you want a place or are looking to give your place to somebody else please post below.

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MONDAY NIGHT TRAINING! Group B – you have super run leader Rosie taking your session tonight, meet at Taunton’s as usual VOLUNTEERS WANTED – I have some sample vests from a potential new kit manufacturer. We’d like to lend these to you for a week or so and get your feedback on how comfortable they are to run in. We have a men’s large and a women’s small and medium. You can get changed into them in the school and give me the vests and your feedback next week anytime. Who would like to try them out? Post below please (Rob)

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HRRL #3 Gosport Half Marathon 19 November 2017 Results

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Fantastic running from Lordshill Road Runners today at Gosport Half Marathon! In near-perfect conditions there were PBs aplenty, and some truly excellent times. Special mention must go to Di Mattingley, who won an age category prize! How was your Sunday Runday?

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We’d really appreciate your support please

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WEDNESDAY TRAINING UPDATE! Coach Martin is running another awesome session tonight at the Sports Centre. In a slight adjustment to the schedule it will now be a hill session, not on the track. See you all there! [disclaimer: hill pictured may not be in tonight’s session]

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Nice video with a few LRR’s on display…. but the question is who’s in! Time to step up and start training people!

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Hampshire Cross Country League, Queen Elizabeth’s Country Park Match 2, Saturday 11 November: RESULTS (The men’s teams scores are not yet published but to avoid further delay, here are the results from Saturday’s race). We made Lordshill history on Saturday by the number of men’s runners at the Hampshire XC! Everyone ran brilliantly and it was a fantastic team spirit. There seemed to be mud everywhere you went but there was a constant buzz with lots of other races going on. The ladies kicked off before the men’s race showing them the way up the mountain (aka Butser Hill). This was the most epic hill in XC racing I think everyone agreed. The men then set off and did us proud by tackling this beast, not 1, but 3 times!! The ladies race consisted on 3 laps of the undulating cross country/grass laps; one large lap including an enormous ascent up Butser Hill and two smaller loops. The men’s races consisted one 3 laps of the larger loop (which the ladies ran once). Men: POS: VET: NAME: CAT: TIME:..

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