Committee members

The Committee is formed at the AGM of Lordshill Road Runners which is held in September each year in line with the regulations set down in the Club’s Constitution. You can read about the committee’s short medium and long term aims in the Strategic Aims document.

If you need to get in touch with a committee member then you can make contact here. Please note that this will not put you directly in contact with a committee member so please do not discuss anything confidential. Contact details for committee members are available on request.

The committee for the year 2017/18, as voted at the AGM on Monday, 25 September 2017, is as follows:

Position Name
Chair Steve Johnson
Vice Chair Rob Agar
Secretary Kirsty Rickman
Membership Secretary Sari Giering
Treasurer Alan Graham
Men’s Team Captain Tony Rickman
Women’s Team Captain Alice Burch
Men’s Team Vice Captain Chris Cook
Women’s Team Vice Captain Lucy Fraser
Coaching Representative Rob Agar
Communications Officer Nicola Rogers
 Communications Officer David Duggan
Ordinary Member Nicole Frith
Ordinary Member Andy Adams