LRR Awards 2014

Here is a full list of the awards handed out at the Annual Awards Dinner known as The Billy Bash.

Lordshill Road Runner’s Club Championship 2014- Salisbury 10 Mile

Male Champion– Andy Griggs (57:31)

Female Champion– Claire McErlean (1:12:13)

1st Senior Man– Andy Griggs (57:31)

2nd Senior Man– Dan Hunt (58:16)

3rd Senior Man– Ben Pitman (58:38)

4th Senior Man– Danny White (1:01:08)

1st Senior Woman– Claire McErlean (1:12:13)

2nd Senior Woman– Emily Smith (1:15:35)

3rd Senior Woman- Chloe Elliot (1:19:45)

4th Senior Woman- Laura O’Loughlin (1:29:05)

1st v40 Man- Tony Rickman (1:02:22)

2nd v40 Man- Simon McCarthy (1:08:51)

3rd v40 Man- Darren Foy (1:08:52)

1st v35 Woman- Lisa Fhithyan (1:27:46)

2nd v35 Woman- Kirsty Ware-Lane (1:30:02)

1st v50 Man- Mike Mattingly (1:14:10)

2nd v50 Man- Julian Porter (1:16:49)

3rd v50 Man- Steve Johnson (1:19:00)

1st v45 Woman- Di Mattingly (1:25:57)

1st v60 Man- Roy McLoughlin (1:30:10)

1st v55 Woman- Helen Backshell (1:22:13)

Lordshill Road Runner’s 5 Mile Age Graded  Championship 2014- Overton 5 Mile

Champion- Andy Griggs (80%)

2nd Place- Laure Van Den Broeck (78.68%)

3rd Place- Dan Hunt (77.48%)

Lordshill Road Runner’s 30k Age Graded Championship 2014- Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1

Champion- Andy Griggs (62.29%)

2nd Place- Ben Pitman (58.55%)

3rd Place- Di Mattingly (57.37%)

LRR Tom Bradley Cup (RR10 Champion 2014)

Andy Griggs

LRR Toomer Cup (RR10 Champion 2014)

Laure Van Den Broeck

LRR Advertiser Trophy (Combined Mara & Half 2014)

Andy Griggs (2:42:24 & 1:15:32= 3:57:56)

LRR Sue Dilnot Cup (Combined Mara & Half 2014)

Laure Van Den Broeck (3:26:50 & 1:28:57= 4:55:47)

LRR CC Series Cup 2014

Male- Andy Griggs

Female- Laure Van Den Broeck

LRR Martin Cross Trophy (Most Improved Overall 2014)

David Duggan

LRR Most Improved 2014

Kimberley Stubbs
Martin Stevens
Clare McErlean
Tim Hart

Lordshill Road Runner’s Club Person of the Year 2014

Ben Pitman

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