Billy Bash 2015: Most Improved Runners of 2014

At our Annual Dinner (the ‘Billy Bash’) we like to recognise the fantastic achievements and improvements made by our members over the previous year, and award some prizes. Previously we have only awarded one runner the Martin Cross Trophy as the most improved runner of the year. However at this year’s event we were able to recognise a total of 5 runners who have really stood out to our Coaches and Run Leaders, with one person awarded the Martin Cross Trophy.

The Martin Cross Trophy is named in remembrance of Martin Cross, an early member of the club who was always known for supporting other members at training sessions to help them improve. This award helps to recognise the very people Martin would be helping out if he was with us today.

DDMartin Cross Trophy: Dave Duggan

During their time with us, they have consistently achieved PB’s at parkrun which has resulted in a 8 minute improvement in the last 6 months. David  has regularly turned up for training on Monday, Thursday and some Wednesdays in all weathers, showing determination and commitment. David is much stronger too and has been able to take part in various so-called mud runs. David recognises the amazing support from the run leaders and coaches at the club and is also keen to motivate others to run, have fun and improve. As one run leader noted it is a pleasure to run with him.

Other ‘Most Improved Runner Award’ Winners:

10849820_10152577099572717_7864052507066301787_nKimberley Stubbs:

Kimberley has made huge improvements since joining the club and has progressed well on a Monday night. She has really thrown herself into all sorts of training with a smile, improving both stamina and overall running fitness in a short space of time. She takes part in CC6 competitions for the club, always tries her best, with a big grin, even when she is pushed quite hard in speed sessions. During her time with the club she has improved her parkrun time by nearly 10 mins.

Martin Stevens:

1488098_715725375164970_6635543622131482664_n Martin has made great progress since joining the club following our very own 10km earlier this year. Since then he has managed to make improvements over all distances culminating in a very recent improvement on that first 10km by 10 mins. His endurance has made huge leaps, with times coming down at 10M and Half Marathon, and the potential future goal of completing marathon. Martin is always keen to thank those at the club who have trained and supported him in his running.

Clare McErlean:

Clare has taken part in and improved on her times over a range of distances this year. She has shown real enthusiasm at training as well as races and was proud to be able to represent the Ladies’ team at our 10Mile race in November. Despite having a few injuries recently, she has been able to achieve a 10km PB at Stubbington.

Tim Hart:

10530869_10153269879128098_4008095397386401483_nTim has made brilliant progress this year with the club. Tim comes to Monday and Wednesday training almost every single week and has steadily made his way up towards the front of those groups. This regular attendance at training has enabled him to make improvements at 5km at 10km. He has now taken part in over 100 parkruns and his consistency and speed have resulted in him leading the Male Points Competition at Southampton parkrun. Tim has been finishing higher up in his veteran category at longer distance races and even ran a 3:25 off road marathon last year.



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